Disclaimer: This game was made from empty Unity project to submission in <1h.

The game consist on jumping from platform to platform while matching the colors and not running out of time.

  • Every time you jump your color changes in the same order: Red -> Blue -> Green
  • The time to plan the next jump is limited

If you run out of time or fail to match the platform color to your new color, you lose. Otherwise you get points.

Some stuff that was left out due to the crazy time constrain:

  • Better collision handling
  • Platforms should switch colors every time you leave them
  • Ugly prototype materials and skybox


To make the game a bit more fun, I spent another hour and added a couple of missing stuff out of the jam submission time:

  • Better collisions, avoid glitches that counted points up to 4 times
  • Improvements to the camera
  • Platforms are procedurally generated in a ring pattern
  • Platforms change color after you leave them
  • Better GUI, including high score
  • Materials are a bit nicer
  • Post-processing

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